It’s all about Style, Eretzvaju Part 2

I’m not going to worry about mechanics anymore….. Eretzvaju is very much, a game that tries to look cool. A great deal of effort was placed in making sure the characters looked ripped out of an anime. And it succeeds. From attacks looking impressive, stances, multi angle work, Eretzuvaju really FEELS like an anime and that is probably one of it’s major draws.

Story mode only strengthens it, by giving each character their own ‘show’ complete with coming next week segments, tells each character’s story, and a short cut scene before and after each fight. The voice acting was so terrible that it this idea was marred a bit, but the voice acting is so terrible that its actually funny to watch.

To help with the anime feel, attacks are exaggerated, you are surrounded by energy when charging, everything from copies of a character, lasers, cards, fireballs, energy disks/beams, everything you’ve seen in more then a few animes is here.

“But that’s unoriginal” you cry out, “don’t games need to be original?” Well, it helps, but they use it to their advantage, you know your characters before you even play them, and they may have a twist, but you feel ok with each character from the start, and you can have a laugh at how much they fit to their molds.

Eretzuvaju is a good example of a game that knew what it’s purpose what, to make a fighter that felt like an anime.

It does that, focusing on the second more then the first. It didn’t bother making an elaborate new plot, or fighting system. It just made stuff that looked cool, was fun and that everyone could do.

What else do you want from an anime fighter, other then to fight like anime characters?


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