Touhou fighters

Touhou fighters are a very interesting and unique take on fighters, and is the only series I know that made a bullet hell shooter, into a fighter… Both the fighters are very different to each other even though when you first look at them they seem very similar…

Both however revolve around a very interesting mix up idea…

To compensate for the HUGE amount of projectiles which with any other engine would make the game just dull and slow, touhou deals with this by making dashes totally invulnerable to projectiles, so the mix up up comes from the option to guessing games of block/dash(graze as the game calls it) and bullet/physical.

This mix up leads people to use bullets as cover to come in for a a physical, putting a lot of pressure on someone to guesss right… blocking bullets uses your meter, as does air blocking. This combined with traditional high low mix up shows a fighter that doesn’t need traditional throw as part of the mix up.

Also, lots of bullets are fun…

Next, touhou 12.3


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