Final Fantasy: 4 Heroes of light, classes

Wow… I have no idea how long I’ve been playing this for but it’s still amazing. It’s still everything I hate about RPGs but done perfectly. I love it…

Before though, I said that the classes didn’t seem to matter that much. But at that point I hadn’t really been able to do much with them. Classes in 4 heroes take a few of the better steps out of Wild ARMs XF’s book with class benefits being super apparent from the get go.

If your character has never been a white mage before, and 50 levels later you want him to be one, he’ll be an awesome white mage. He COULD be better if you upgrade his white mage crown (what you use to change jobs) but the overaching abilities that make white mages good, he has…

So, how do classes work you ask? Well, throughout the journey you collect ‘crowns’ representing jobs, each job has 3-5 levels. Each level grants (so far) one ability. These abilities are basically spells without you needing to have a spell book in your inventory. Along with this, most classes have a passive ability of some kind. White and black mages make their respective colours of magic cost 1 ap less (which makes level 1 magic like normal attacks), Slave-makers don’t use AP when they use an item and so on.

Typically the first active ability and the passive work enormously well alone that even without upgrade you’ll still rock as a class… The level 1 white mage ability for instance allows your next healing spell to heal everyone (costing 1 ap and a turn to cast this first though). This alone allows anyone to very quickly become the party healer. The level 2 ability costs an extra 1 ap and also increases the power of the healing, making it more useful yes, but by no means essential… The class upgrades are much less required as they are just helpful. And given these abilities cost more AP than the last, it’s often questionable how valuable they really are.

Classes also change your stats, and in this game, very small number changes make big differences, so while classes do not affect what you can equip to each character you are probably not doing your white mage any favours by not upgrading her spirit, nor your fighters by not giving him the biggest axe. However, because you can equip what you want, you still retain a large amount of customization…

What’s really great about all these is that it’s very difficult for your character to feel samey like they do in many other RPGs without setting up each character as the same class with the same equipment. Every class makes the characters feel entirely different, and your equipment more so, so your white mage in dungeon 1 feels different to the same white mage dungeon 2. This doesn’t mean the game is constantly throwing lots of confusing random junk at you, it’s simply that the very minor changes impact your play style a lot, but in very predictable ways.

I’m not sure what’s going to be of merit to discuss next… But I’m looking forward to finding out


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