Rhythm Action: The ultimate relaxation

First up: Did you know the basis of hypnosis comes from intense focus followed by the willingness to follow commands.

That might be a light simplification, but have you ever played Guitar Hero, and then just have the song end without you noticing, in a state of mind so pure that you literally stopped thinking.

That’s right! Rhythm games are the only genre whose ultimate success is you totally zoning out and being hypnotized to follow the games commands perfectly.

For this reason, the ability these games above all else to create a purely empty mind, makes them incredibly relaxing. Obviously when you are playing at a level you can’t really perform at, it’s a little stressful, but something you can do, can be extremely relaxing and offer the same benefits as meditation, a practice I’ve admired, but found impossible to reap the benefits as there is too much to think about in this world to just stop thinking of your own free will.

While failure admittedly can cause stress, for some more than others, once you’ve obtained a basic mastery of the games concepts, you should be able to judge what kind of song gets that flow requirement right, to put you in a state of peace.

Who knows, maybe guitar hero isn’t just for parties, but for relaxation too!


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