Dragon Quest V, first impressions

Over the last two days, I’ve managed to play about… 2 hours of DQV, which isn’t much… But with DQ, you always know what you are in for… Doesn’t stop it from being fun though.

One of the interesting things about DQV is that you play through the life of your character, witnessing his birth his time as a boy of six, and presumably some other ages. And what I like about it so far, is that the game makes you feel your character is that age… Although the fighting of monsters is kinda silly for a child of that age, the game kinda sets it up nicely…

The first dungeon is you going into a cave having be sent to play, and finding a man there, and helping him out, the 2nd dungeon’s premise is a childish challenge to go into a haunted house which if you get rid of the ghosts, will stop a cat from being teased…

These set ups, along with things like “You looked at the book shelf, but you can’t read yet’ and the way the characters treat and talk to you makes it a believable enough childhood to be just pleasantly enjoyable. So, so far, I’m giving this nice pleasant RPG the thumbs up


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