Link, the SSB kind

Look up some tourney quality link videos now. Type in SSBM or SSBB and link vs in to youtube and watch a vid or two…

Link is focused on a very special element of fighting games and one I’m always happy to play with. Thats one of dynamism, the ability to be very dynamic. Link’s very unique combination of projectiles allow him to create a near endless amount of complex situations which force your opponent to deal with many things at once.

This ability to create so many situations makes Link’s gameplay much more reliant on understanding the properties, uses and the interactivity of these.  And it’s this aspect that makes Link a joy to play. The constant play almost against your self of testing how you can interact with your own skills, aswell as the opponent is a blast. Getting that boomerang to stun them on the way back to you so your bomb hits is a joy to watch, and combines the very best of zoning and your own position given the arcs and physics behind Smash’s engine.

If you are wanting to design a character who’s more about the what should I do rather than the how, link is an excellent example of how to pull that off while still being fun.

Also, if you ever want to vs me in SSB games, be warned I play a mean Link.


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