Sengoku Basara: The game that surprised me

Earlier this year I realised something… I’d just ignored the whole Dynasty Warriors thing. Disregarded it as bad and never even considered it could have some merit. All I knew was that is was shallow, mindless, repetitive and all these other words I associate with bad…

But you know what… A lot of games are like that when all is said and done and you’ve done the spread sheets. So I found a copy of Sengoku Basara, the capcom version of Dynasty warriors, and Dynasty Warriors 7 a little later and I was actually really impressed by them. They we’re everything I expected, mindless, shallow, repetitive and actually felt a little wrong with running speeds too (both of them, you feel too light if that makes sense)…

But they both taught me something really important…. Those qualities can be just what you want, and with the right visuals to go with it can be super compelling. I’m enjoying my time with these more than I did with the diablo.


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