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Why I collect games.

Posted in Collection on February 5, 2011 by link6616

Collections are important, and as child I was exposed to a mighty collection of books my father owned. It was often joked about how many books he had. They covered a large range of topics, styles and cultures. With books like the Koran, CS Lewis, Discworld and the Bible all sitting side by side. I never saw most of them being read, but they all had pride of place on shelf. Books of all sizes, colours and themes.

But it’s not just about knowledge, or even about reading them in many cases. It’s about passion.

The one thing my father’s collection of books taught me wasn’t to catalog obsessively, to never touch these things to maintain their value or anything like that, these books were collected solely out of a passion for the things they contain or represent. They’d be lend out to people, they’d be off the shelf for weeks being read all over the house, the collection didn’t sit behind a glass cabinet not being touched by dirty little children. The state most big collections live their entire lives in.

It was an exciting place to explore and wander through, and because I could explore that world, and get the context of that from my father, I have a great respect for books, various authors and so on.

I’m a passionate gamer, and I want to create that kind of environment for someone else, and that is why I collect.